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Something Witchy This Way Comes: A Jolie Wilkins Novel

Something Witchy This Way Comes  - H.P. Mallory

Jolie banishes Sinjin from her kingdom against her will. It was a decision made by majority rules.Bella loses her mind and dies in her cell. The power of her visions from Luce were too much for her to take, but whose to say Jolie didn't kill her...the whole story seemed a little rushed.Luce, the powerful elder of the Lurkers, kidnaps Jolie. He wanted her on his side obviously.Oh before all this went down, she found that she was pregnant. OMG! Her and Rand hadn't even got married yet and I find this most unfortunate as this is the last book in the series!! There is no time for that now. Jolie meets her twin Sister, Bryn. Their mother was a fae whose name was Keila and their father was a lurker. That is how jolie has magical powers. Mathilda knew this but she never told her :/ If that wasn't enough, Sinjin was the one who comes and rescues her from the lurkers; not Rand. Rand and Mercedes were basically powerless and I wasn't impressed .Sinjin was almost killed by Nairn who used vampire blood to revive their dying soldiers or some shit like that.Oh ya their was fighting, but Luce did most of the damage by blowing the Lurkers fortress up and disappearing, taking all his people with him 'cept Bryn, so Jolie ends up keeping her prisoner at Konlich Kirk. Have I ever mentioned how beautiful Konlich Kirk is? Imagine a huge castle overlooking the ocean somewhere in Scotland.