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The Spirit Clearing

The Spirit Clearing - Mark Tufo The Fates made a mistake and Michael Talbot wasn't supposed to have survived the car accident that killed his two best friends. One side of his skull was pretty much smashed in, leaving him with an 'all-seeing-eye' but he survived and that needed to be fixed according to 'The Voice'. Michael can see things that are dark and unpleasant. He can see auras and was sort of psychic. Nobody liked him after the accident and his mom treats him as if he were dead and invisible. Could they not see him? I have no idea. Michael laments because his life is a living hell, better off dead, until he met Jandilynn Hollow. I agree with her mother in that I don't know what she saw in him but unlike her mother, I don't think Mike is a bad person or evil only I do think he died.When Michael moves into a new house mysterious and strange things happen; like his fridge goes poltergeist on him, and someone is leaving messages on it in blood!!! and his Cat!!