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Deity (Covenant, #3)

Deity (Covenant, #3) - Jennifer L. Armentrout It is about the gods [Apollyon, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Artemis. Dionysus - the god of wine and nonstop partying. Ananke - the mother of the Fates and of destiny, she rules over compulsionand all forms of slavery and bondage. The ability to use compulsion is gifted from Ananke, she was also the one to come up with the Elixir that keeps halfs in servitude docile etc,] They rule the Hematois, Purebloods and halfbloods. Aiden is a pure. Alexa is the future second Apollyon but is a halfblood and is in love with Aiden. Seth is the first Apollyon. .Alexa's mother, once was a Pure but turned Daimon, and who is now dead , she had loved a halfblood, who up to this point, we never get to meet, but apparently is still alive, because it was forbidden that these two [breeds] should ever love each other. Half bloods were considered lesser than pures and they either ended up as the Pures servants or became Sentinels aka fighter/warriors.The Covenant of the gods includes Marcus, Alexa's Uncle, Lucian, her stepfather, and other ministers. They currently serve the greater gods like Apollyon etc... omgd's this is complicated ain't it?