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Santa Wore Combat Boots

Santa Wore Combat Boots - Barbara Witek What would you do if you saw your husbands ghost? How could you ever go on loving another man? Larry was a soldier who died in a helicopter crash. Jake should've been the one in that helicopter, but instead he made a promise to Larry to watch over his wife and kids. It's been three years and Larry's ghost is still hanging around not being able to let go of Emma. Jake has always wanted a family and if he was honest about his feelings for Emma he'd have made her his a long time ago but he made a promise and his duty came first. The more time Emma spent with Jake, the more her feelings grew into something electrifying. He was so good with her kids. Christmas for Emma had slowly lost meaning apart from Larry. Jake knew what he needed to do to bring back her Christmas Spirit. I loved it when they went out looking for the perfect tree. It was a magical place where they all enjoyed a trip down a large hill on a toboggan. The book only takes a couple hours to read. A perfect time to cuddle up with hot coco next to the fire.