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Fairies & Wishes

Fairies & Wishes - Karen  Erickson When she gets asked to help teach Dr. Tim Killian to love again, Lily thinks it's an invitation to have sex with him and she makes him fall in love with her. Talk about a naive fairy! She knows she has to return to the land of fairy after Christmas but by then it's too late. The damage is done and she is completely miserable over losing such a great man. She only wishes to be made mortal in order to return to earth and continue to be with him. "He has such a wall up no one is able to penetrate it. That's where you come in.""I need to penetrate his wall?" Now Lily was really confused. She thought that was what the mortal man did to the mortal woman.I liked the part where she surprises Tim by decorating his house for Christmas. She uses her fairy magic. It reminded me of Samantha of Bewitched. She was after all a 240 year old holiday fairy who was an expert in bringing the Christmas Spirit. Check it out if you enjoy holiday hot steamy sex romance.