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Messages (The Delaney Dobbins Mysteries)

Messages (The Delaney Dobbins Mysteries) - Rachel Hanna Delaney Dobbins is a writer who just finished her book called "The Murderous Affair" and was waiting to be interviewed by a popular news reporter on TV, Jensen Brown. Her book was about a wife who was having an affair and killed her husband so she could get his money or something like that, but the irony was the details were very similar to a real life murder case investigation which the wife had pleaded not guilty. But when a cop tells her she was in danger for knowing too much of the murder, sure enough she is brutally attacked soon afterwards and is forced into hiding.She finds out she is psychic but not until Jensen overhears a conversation she was having during her morning meditation. He even videotaped it. It was not something she was aware of doing either. This book is full of suspense. To Delaney's shocking surprise, her story wasn't coming from her own creative ability but it had been told to her by some unknown dead man who was murdered and his real wife was in jail awaiting her trial. The real killers were out there and Delaney agrees to help solve the case along with her friend Jensen. They spend a few days together in a cozy cabin where romance and love blossomed.I really liked how this story comes together in a fast paced suspense romance.