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A Vampire's Christmas Carol

A Vampire's Christmas Carol - Karen  McCullough It was Christmas Eve one hundred years ago that Michael, on his way to his fiancees house to propose to her, was bit by a vampire and doomed to exist in the dark shadows. Only by drinking human blood would he be able to live forever, but Michael is loathed to be a monster like his master. Dying takes time. It took Michael 10 years before he woke up undead, but he still needs to drink the blood of a human in the next 80 years or he will die.He promised himself that he would never drink human blood but would rather die reunited with his human soul. So, this Christmas Eve, times up. Will he give in to his bloodlust? or, die? I think it was evil supernatural forces that made Carol show up on his doorstep to tempt him, but she was more like an angel to help him.Michael was on the verge of losing it and fought back with all his might to contain his bloodthirst. The rest of the story is best written in the pages of this ebook. I thought it was a well written holiday paranormal romance