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The Sneezing Christmas Tree

The Sneezing Christmas Tree - Aaron Kerr, Becky Boone Imagine having your own talking Christmas Tree! Alice and Tommy named their new Christmas Tree, Emily. When they both heard {it} sneeze soon after bringing it home, {she} told them she had a cold from all the wet weather they'd been having, and it was true, that she was fully alive, but trees weren't supposed to let others know they could hear, see and talk. She even told them stories! If my tree could talk I suppose I wouldn't want to chop it down or watch it die just as Tommy and Alice thought. It was a horrible thought and they didn't want Emily to die. Now Emily assured them that it was her purpose to be a Christmas Tree. In fact, she was happier then ever they had chosen her for their christmas tree. It reminded me of a story I once heard about the wooden cross Jesus hung on. That too had a history. I wish I could remember the title so as to look it up online because I'm sure it's on the internet somewhere.Download the audiobook Free on December 10-12 from http://www.thesneezingchristmastree.com/Merry Christmas!