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Christmas Ever After

Christmas Ever After - Elyse Douglas Mrs. Frances Wintergreen is a Christmas Spirit who has been following Jennifer Taylor for quite some time. The story takes place in a little town of Willowbury New England. This Christmas the lovely woman wants to give Jennifer a Gift: An adventure in New York. She warns Jennifer what will happen to her if she doesn't accept her gift; that she will become just like Mrs. Stanton, the mean old woman who never has anything nice to say about anyone. Yes Jennifer was cold hearted, fearful and resentful of all that Christmas represented for having lost the one person she had ever loved. It had turned her into a real Scrooge with a broken heart. In fact this tale is yet another version of the Classic Christmas Carol. She went to New York reluctantly after her Shop caves in but she didn't know what to expect only that she had reservations at the Plaza Hotel. Soon she finds herself chasing after a little boy all over the city! Nobody knows who this little boy is until the end, but he leads her all over town and plunges her into a secret world filled with horrible realities about her past, present, and future. After learning the awful truths about herself, just like Ebenezer Scrooge, she too was released of all her fears, resentments and betrayals.I didn't like Jennifer Taylor and I don't care if her Cards N' Stuff Gift Shop ever gets restored. I don't even like Alex Hartman nor do I care for the little boy who ran away from home and leads Jennifer on a wild goose chase straight into the hospital where she meets Alex and Jason for the first time . It takes her awhile to figure out who they are and I knew it before she did. They were the prodigal son and grandson of the Mayor of Willowbury who Jennifer had known personally back home. It was all too contrived yet I still enjoyed it.