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Must Love Santa

Must Love Santa - Nina Bruhns

Nick Palladin is a detective who is tired of the coldblooded crimes and brutal violence he sees on a daily basis and wants more than anything to be transferred to the K-9 Unit. Before that could happen though, he'd made a promise to a girl who'd lay dying in his arms, to avenge her murder, but he only had her last dying words as testimony and needed more evidence. He believed the man responsible for killing her was Frank Kraznov a veterinarian. So he stakes out his clinic, disguised as Santa Claus with his dog Zenon to take pictures of the traffic going in and out of his clinic, because Frank Kraznov was connected to a human trafficking ring and is a scumbag.Emily Milan had never seen such a sexy santa before in her life! On her way to a job interview some random stranger kicked her dog after it growled at him, biting his pant leg. That is where it all starts. Nick, in his santa claus suit, comes running towards her and their two dogs take off running . I like how their two dogs got along. It is an amusing little story, fun for the holidays. I enjoyed it