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Holiday Rush

Holiday Rush - Lisa  Scott When Alex has to decide between transferring to another store and keeping the beautiful woman he's fallen for , he goes out and buys her , her own thriftstore so he could be with her and still be the manager of Save Land. Lindy Richards firsts meets Alex at Save Land when she gets locked in the dressing room overnight. She would never be caught dead at that store except this time it was an emergency and she needed a new pair of pantyhose. It was Alex himself who locked her inside unaware and never bothered to check the dressing rooms! What a frustrating and traumatic experience that was for Lindy! She survived and even made the news that day .Super fun read for the holidays!This was on my kindle already from last year and I remember reading it but somehow it didn't show as 'read' in my goodreads challenge , so I re-read it and I liked it. I am behind for my 2012 challenge that is why I'm reading a bunch of short stories and novellas hoping to finish 150 books by the years end. I am finding that I like reading romance stories just in time for Christmas .