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North of Need (Heart of the Anemoi, #1)

North of Need (Heart of the Anemoi, #1) - Laura Kaye Alone in a vacation cabin for the holidays, grieving the death of her husband , out of sheer boredom and aching loneliness, Megan Snow builds a perfect Snowman Family, but what it represents, she will never be able to have, and it makes her collapse falling on the snowman in tears. After reading that part over again, I cried ;(With a little of his winter magic, Owen Winters, the snowman, comes to life. He is the god of the North Wind who has been sent by his Father and at the request of John Snow's soul, to help Megan live a happy life but there is an order of things. Megan has to want, love, need Owen for him to become human, otherwise he will become Ethereal again.The god of spring also threatens the time Owen has with Megan and it only added to the agonizing frustration I felt for Owen. In the course of the story, when she learns more about Owen, I was mad that she didn't think to preserve him from melting. Just like with John's accident, if she could prevent something bad from happening why didn't she? Anyway I was thinking she could've fixed the A/C or perhaps got one of those walk-in freezers. If she loved him she would have tried to keep him safe from the warm weather at least. She disappointed me. I also thought when and if he did become human there would be no more running with the wind and using magic. He would only be half the man he use to be :(The most obvious prediction in the story for me was I knew the minute she forgot to take her birth control that she was going to get pregnant. I mean with all the sex they were having how could she not?