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Outcasts of River Falls

Outcasts of River Falls - Jacqueline Guest, Laura Peetoom Well I bought this book because of the reference to Calgary and the town of Hope. Hopeful. There is such a place in Alberta. The author is also from Bragg Creek Alberta and her name is Jacqueline, just like me :) Admitingly though, I am not a fan of the Metis or any other Indian. In fact I am part Cree myself and not proud of that fact , but as I said this story takes place in Alberta 1901.It's about a girl who lost her parents and is sent from Toronto to Alberta to live with her Aunt who so happens to be Metis. Anyway she dreams of being a lawyer and she prides herself in that knowledge as she helps solve the mystery of the Highwayman, and uncovers a murder. Itès all too amusing and impossible how this fourteen year old ÈoutcastÈ is able to influence the River Falls community.