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Tiger's Voyage (Tiger's Curse (Hardcover))

Tiger's Voyage  - Colleen Houck Tigers Voyage has much to do with dragons and cool jellyfish and a Mermaid who I really liked and a terrible Kraken! Much of this story took place on a Yacht off the coast of India. Kelsey Kishan and Dhiren take scuba diving lessons with an instructor from Texas. Well, the boys had some competition anyway. It was fun and I would love to be able to experience Scuba diving myself.Meanwhile Ren still hasn't got his memories back. One day when they went diving in the ocean for practice, an eel rubbed against Kelsey and she panics and hit her head on a rock and loses consciousness. That is when Ren decides to never see Kelsey again for the simple reason he couldn't save her. When Ren lost his memory , he could never touch Kelsey without pain, so he refused to perform CPR on her. It was Kishan who saved her, so he ends up breaking her heart AGAIN and forces her to take Kishan instead. HOLY HECK! Ren and Kelsey's relationship is beyond maddening. I'm so angry! I cannot and will not accept Kelseys stupid insane reasons for being with Kishan. Never! They just don't belong together.These quests remind me of video games frought with many obstacles and dangers. When they arrive at Durgas Temple they are told to find a pearl necklace and are given some weapons and items they will need on their journey. A Kamandal for Kishan, which is really cool , a trident for Ren and a lei of lotus flowers with instructions to seek out a women at the Shore Temple in the City of the Seven PagodasThey arrive at the Shore Temple and discover Lady Silkworm. She gives Kelsey some silk and when they get back to their Yacht it unfolds into a silk Kimono, with five dragons embroidered on the back and a map on the front of it. Very cool .As you see on the cover of the book , the White Dragon, or Ice Dragon, is the coolest of the five and is my favorite dragon. They don't harm them but they play games albeit deadly games. They all have names too. Jinselong, Luselong, Qinglong, Longjun, Yinbailong who is the oldest and my favorite.OH the agony and challenges they face are incredible! If it weren't for Kelsey and her lack of conviction of who she belongs to, this book would be the best of em. I am not liking her decision to be with Kishan