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Pretty When They Collide (Pretty When She Dies, #0.5)

Pretty When They Collide - Rhiannon Frater

The synopsis pretty much says it best but Cass and Aimee made their debut in PWSK and I thought they were awesome and together they make a great team. We got to know more about Aimee, the witch, in this novella. She is the one who is being abused by a monster named Frank. He's a major asshole. Cass is still my favorite idk maybe it's because I love Rhiannon Fraters portrayal of vampires but she does know how to fight and is more kickass. Cass robs from bad guys and she is going to steal Aimee away, watch out.Did you know it is in the Dhamphirs nature to kill their vampire fathers and feed on their mortal mothers? I guess that's why meeting her father Cian in Pretty When She Kills was not the correct response? Lol