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A Shade Of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1)

A Shade Of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1) - Bella Forrest First of all I love reading about vampires and yes I am a fan of Twilight :) I found this book very compelling ! I would definitely recommend it. I appreciated how well written it was and it flowed easily from one chapter to the next. The story alternated between Sofia Claremont's and Derek Novak's point of view. That was exciting as they were both likeable characters I enjoyed . Even being in a dark atmosphere, in a land without sun, the attractive vampire , Derek Novak, is loyal to his family and friendly to Sofia. His brother , Lucas, was a typical sadistic, uncaring, evil type who wanted nothing more than to overthrow his brother. As a human Derek Novak, the now dark royal Prince, sought revenge for his mothers death, and joined the Shadow Hunters 400 years ago but his Dad turned vampire soon after, and Vivienne, Lucas and Derek became the monsters as well. So, to save his family from Shadow Hunters, he took them to an Island called 'The Shade'. I'm guessing with everything that happened, he just wanted to die, but 'sleep' was an option and he has been under a witch's spell for the last 4 centuries. What happens when he awakes is nothing he ever dreams of..... The Shade has turned into a big community with housing and he has a Harem ...knights and guards. Ahhh! I can't wait to find out what happens! How will Sofia and Derek's love endure the dark forecast foreseen by Vivienne....