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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1)

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - A Princess Cyborg Lunar Mechanic . That is who Cinder is. In the future world , sometime after the 4th world war , the alliance of nations made up the earth's commonwealth involved Lunar people. They killed their children and some of them fled to earth taking their lunar children (shells) with them . They brought the plague Letumosis .Many people died .....Cinders stepsister Peony, Emperor Rikan to name a few.Luna was governed by Queen Lavena who actually wasn't the rightful heir to their throne. It belonged to Princess Selena , her niece , but she had been usurped . She was only a young child when the hover she and her parents were riding in crashed and burned . Selena's skin was found but it was suspected she was still alive .......somewhere. Cinder was saved and the only way to do that was to make her cyborg. Linh Garan had gone to great lengths to do that , I suppose because he knew who she really was . She was a product of her stepfathers invention made with a bioelectrical security system. It was meant to protect her . It put a lock on her Lunar gift. (It reminded me of the six million dollar man and the bionic women . )She was very special indeed and when all was said and done, even worth fighting for. Only she didn't know it. With time everything was going to make sense as revealed by Dr. Erland .Cyborgs weren't exactly well treated throughout the universe, they were shunned and outcast. They were even being drafted as guinea pigs for science to find a cure for the deadly plague, Letumosis, caused by Lunar shells. Dr. Erland had set up that cyborg draft as a ruse , just to find Princess Selene . From the time she was 11 years old she felt worthless and rejected by society particularly by two members of her stepfamily: Adri and Pearl . Just like cinderella, Cinder was hardworkin and because of her cyborgness she was the best mechanic around so her stepmother made her work in the marketplace selling spare parts for Androids and such. She was the only one that brought any sort of income into Adri's household and Adri used her. She even sold her for research . One day in the marketplace she met prince Kai . He needed his android, Nainsi fixed and was told Linh Cinder was one of the best mechanics around but that is where the story begins ..... I didn't like Cinder keeping her cyborgness a secret . It would have been better if she was proud of it *sigh