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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone -


I’m liking this book so far! Karou is an art student who lives in Prague. She has no family but was raised by Brimstone. She keeps secrets from her friend Zuzana. Everyone thinks the creatures in her sketchbook are just her imagination but honestly they are creatures she knows well.


Wouldn’t you love to be able to go through a portal to another place in the world just like Karou? I would.


The portals are awesome! Her first assignment was to go to Paris and buy a set of Elephant Tusks . Brimstone collects all kinds of teeth. He was a weird creature but so were all the other creatures in this book. They call themselves the Chimaera. Karou complained about having to haul the large tusks around because they were so heavy. She wished she had wings and to be invisible, but her wishes cost a gavriel but Brimstone wouldn’t give her that. I guess he thought she wasn’t responsible or good enough . She had little wish beads that she used apparently for no good reason, like giving her ex boyfriend an itch . When she got back to the door portal there were a couple of Jews standing in front of it who she had to wait to leave . Waiting for Issa to open the door to the vestibule she noticed a large black hand print burnt on the front of the door .


Chapter 9

If the devil’s doorways are the threshold to Elsewhere and the devil was Brimstone then ‘houston we have a problem’ . So far Brimstone may be dealing in shady business but he didn’t seem all that evil to me. I’m thinking is ‘Evil’ always misunderstood ? probably not .


Akiva seems to think he needed to get rid of him by making the dark hand print on the doors and once all the doors were marked than the end would begin with fire!! OMG! Armageddon !!!


Kismish is a little messenger like crow bird .


Karou always feels like she’s missing part of herself . Akiva does too . They should get together


Artwork by SharonMcGillustrations


I love Morocco! and Couscous! Karou is in Marakesh where she has to make a deal with Izîl. What happens then is pure chaos. She doesn’t know she’s being followed by Azika! He is an angel and Izîl has some kind of monster on his back. It is Razgut a fallen angel who appears visible all of a sudden when he sees Azika and starts yelling in a strange language only Azika understood. Poor Izîl. This monster was a result of a wish gone wrong and the only way to get it off his back is if he pays for the most powerful magic-wish there is : a bruxis but the only way to obtain it is with all his teeth ha!


Brimstone kicked Karou out on her ass for being insubordinate and was left alone and abandoned bleeding in the cold streets of Prague. She was caught in the ‘elsewhere’ simply for being curious and now she had more unanswered questions. It was a blessing she wasn’t in the elsewhere when all the portals went up in fire as the angel Akiva had promised. Kishmish was on fire when he reached her window and died in her arms . aww.


Karou is a Polyglot



I can only speak one language, that of English, but when I went to an all french school in first grade I was able to quickly pick up the french language there, the proper french, from Paris; Parisian French . mhm but I lost it. I Iike the book I’m reading right now, so let me share with you the part about how Karou acquires many languages. If a Polyglot is one who knows many languages than Karou is a Polyglot It would be sooo cool to be able to speak another language like Karou! Just to make use of a wish and then BAM! I could speak Chinese if I wanted to :)


Karou had been new to Prague and had known no one. Her Czech was freshly acquired (by wish, not study; Karou collected languages, and that’s what Brimstone always gave her for her birthday) and it had still tasted strange on her tongue, like a new spice.


She’d been at a boarding school in England before that, and though she was capable of a flawless British accent, she had stuck with the American one she’d developed as a child, so that was what her classmates had thought she was. In truth, she had claim to no nationality. Her papers were all forgeries, and her accents–all except one, in her first language, which was not of human origin–were all fakes. -Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor Chapter 4:Poison Kitchen page 26-27