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Pretty When She Kills (Pretty When She Dies, #2)

Pretty When She Kills - Rhiannon Frater

It begins a depiction of a horror scene. Bianca Leduc rises as the latest necro-vamp created by The Summoner, but Rachon decides to keep her for herself. Being Amaliyas college friend, we get the impression Bianca is friendly when she appears as a ghost to Innocente. Amaliyas mother had a dream where Bianca is asking for her help. She says Amaliya is in trouble , that Rachon wants to kill her. OKThis book is full of terror and excitement and humor. As you can imagine Amaliya can raise the dead and now we have two necromancers. We see her powers as win and a force to be reckoned with. The Summoner is dead .Samantha was so much fun as is Jeffs colleague, Benchley. Samantha is seeing ghosts while trying to pick up the pieces of her life with Cian. A woman cries out to her for help and vanishes before her eyes. "Fuck. My. Life" she says . She becomes irate and blames it all on Amaliya. She almost died in the last book but Amaliya saved her by feeding her, her blood. Nathan persuades Pete to join him in his search for Amaliya. He thinks Nathan can save Amaliya. Nathan lies of course. In actual fact , Nathan is a bounty hunter who tracks down monsters and was hired by Rachon. Truth was he needed to use Pete and Innocentes blood to perform an occult ceremony he says to bring Amaliya back to human life. Then Rachon was going to kill her. You think Rachon is evil? Etzli is worse!When Jeff witnesses Samantha with the ghost of Cassidy Longoria, he surmises Samantha is a Phasmagnus. At this point I have a bad feeling about Nathan digging up The Summoners dead body parts. Pete and Innocente and Sergio are in danger.What if Innocente is unable to help Nathan locate his body parts? Let the ghosts do it instead! Lol and let the dead unbury their own dead!!! We meet two new characters that of Cassandra and Aimee. OMG! my precious !! I'm really pleased with these two.Sunday was a full moon ....the busiest damn day and night of the history of Austin TX! The gravediggers and the gang were gathered in one place...A Cemetery!! AGH! Shit is going down, two people(ok 3 ) die, and 2 people (ok deadly people) escape when the fight ended quite abruptly. Amaliya ended it and the zombies rested. In the next book, Pretty When She Destroys, at least we know what will be back. Evil incarnate!Two weeks later....Sitting in Jeff's Shop discussing important matters were the somber faces of those who had lost the battle. I call them "The Gang" They lost two of their loved ones, of which I won't say. Interesting Story about the Sword of Lucifer and the 13 rings. A story inside a story! EPICLOGUECian and Amaliya move into a new home south of downtown Austin in the Bouldin Creek area. They both express their love and dreams to one another. Beautiful and rich. To be cont....in Pretty When She Destroys 2013 WOOT!