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Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #11)

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward

I just LOVED IT! and I wish it wasn't over . Quinn comes from an aristocratic family of the glymera , who disowned him because of something so trivial as having two different colored eyes. How shallow. He has one blue and one green eye. 
After slicing Slash's throat defending his friend John Matthew, his family accuses him of murder, but through a political loophole, Wrath saw that he could become John's personal bodyguard aka ahstrux nohtrum ; his protector.

He becomes a strong fighter and is very loyal to the brothers. He once saved Wrath from Xcor's (pronounced Core) assassination attempt and again this time he fly's a plane in order to get Zsadist safely home in one piece and that is considered honorable and deserves recognition. Indeed , he is inducted into the Black Dagger Brotherhood. 

Blay has always known he was gay and that he had strong feelings for Quinn but it took a long time for Quinn to realize that he was in love with Blay, his best friend. 

Let me just say that Layla will not be losing Quinn's baby thanks to Blay. He asked Payne to heal her and she did. Awww that was nice of him and Payne.

Keeping Saxton and Blay's break up from Quinn was plain mean. I did not like that at all.