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Jenny Plague-Bringer: (Jenny Pox #4)

Jenny Plague-Bringer - J.L. Bryan Seth and Jenny are happily living in Paris up until she begins telling stories about her recent past incarnation. At first I was disappointed. why? because there is no such thing as reincarnation! lol J/K! I found it all a bit confusing and uncomfortable. I wasn't interested nor did I want to be bothered with their past lives. I wanted to stay in Paris!:( Jenny took us back to the Great Depression of 1933 where she was working in a sideshow Carnival as the Worlds Most Diseased Woman. Tis quite fitting but idk I loathe reading about carnivals though. Her name was Juliana Blight. She had problems with everyone touching her then too, except when she meets Sebastian, a boy who could heal people.Ward Kilpatrick is a bully with his own powers that allows him to see into peoples minds. I don't know why he is looking to gather all the paranormals into one place, maybe because he likes to control people or he wants power and money, nevertheless he is very persuasive and determined to find Tommy and his opposite Esmeralda as well as Jenny and Seth. He acts like some big wig from the CIA but actually he's from some stupid agency called ASTRIA that doesn't even exist. Before we get to Jenny's quantum theory in the Great Depression (lol cause it kinda felt that way to me :p ) Jenny finds out she is pregnant and believes the baby wouldn't survive because of her pox. She killed her mother so therefore logically her baby would not be immune to it either. There was somebody ringing the doorbell named Mariella, looking for a boy she said she saw his future, and it was very urgent that she found him. O Jeezus! Of all the things Jenny needs ; more drama! She feels a little jealous because she is pretty but instead of telling her Seth indeed lived here, she lies to Mariella and sends her away. I don't blame her for being jealous but I wanted Jenny to trust her because she is a very nice person and Jenny didn't have any friends. I am happy to report they do become friends. Mariella is a paranormal too. She's the Oracle.I enjoyed Christmas with Jenny, Seth and Mariella but it was over much too quick. Seth to Mariela: “You could come here if you want. Jenny’s making some French dish with a duck. Then I’m going to heal the duck back to life and let it fly around our apartment.” Jenny teaches Mariella how to get in touch with her past life and offers to get some magic mushrooms to help with the mind altering aspect. Jenny could not do them cuz she was pregnant and good for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Next thing I remember, they were down on some beach getting high on magic mushrooms bringing up memories of their past lives when suddenly they are attacked and kidnapped by Ward and his goons. They wake up in a cell somewhere in Germany. Meanwhile in the other life.....Julianna gets an invitation from Jonathan Barrett, Seth’s great-grandfather and a past incarnation of Alexander from the third book, Alexander Death, to join him. Sebastian accepts the invitation and they both are back to the future to Fallen Oak! They also travel to Berlin on a cruise ship where they meet Hitlers Ghost apparently lol Summary:Jenny Morton does find the peace she is looking for with a little help from her friends. But having said too much already I'm not going to spoil everything. I loved it, I thought it was amazing and J.L Bryan's Paranormals is an absolute masterpiece! Jackie Briere