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Iced (Dani O'Malley Series #1)

Iced (Dani O'Malley Series #1) -

I <3 Christian MacKeltar! Ok.... I like Dancer too and Sonic booms :p Ryodan and Lor can burn in hell

What I disliked was Kat and her worrying over being head mistress and the fear of Cruce living in her basement and having sex with her 'Gah!' I hate filler.

I don't agree with Dani's assessment of Ryodan. He isn't all that bad. I mean Mac's mother didn't think so anyway and neither did Jo. Dani could've learnt more self control . At times she was too naive and disrespectful even for Ryodan but he handled her as best he could. Now we just have to wait for her to grow up. She acts like nobody is going to tell her what to do and she means it. I hope she turns out well.

AWC aka After the Wall Crash, the Fae pretty much infiltrated the city of Dublin and took it over, while Dani Mega O'Malley is out on her own acting like a Superhero, fixing the worlds problems and killing the Unseelies and Shades. Ryodan sees himself as her protector and offers her a job. Of course Dani rebels at the thought of working for someone else. She hates him. He asks her to help him find out what it is that is Icing up different areas throughout the city including Chester's.
"Kid, Batman needs Robin." 

Dude. I go all soft and melty inside and swallow a dreamy sigh. Robin to his Batman! Superhero partners.....He could have had me at hello if he'd said that first.

Her relationship with him scares me but then again her relationship to Dancer is especially worrisome. They are so young and alone. I thought she would be safe if Christian was there to protect her. Did I say I love Christian? In Dreamfever he's the guy that gets caught in the land of Faery and gets turned into an Unseelie Prince. 

I was happy that Christian takes Dani to see the White Mansion. I love that place in the world of Fae! It is there we encounter the Crimson Hag. Dani, accidentally opens a bottle and lets her loose. Big Oops. She feels guilty when the Hag kills Ryodan and Barrons! haha! Feckin-A! She thought they were dead! but soon learns Ryodan is immortal. When he doesn't kill her she actually breaks down and cries in front of him.