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Days of Blood and Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor

I'd like to say this book was even better than the first but I can't. It was an unhappy and grim experience. Eretz is frought with danger and..... it's a war zone. I don't think Karou was happy even though she mentions to Zuzanna in a letter that she was *shrugs. It was a lie. She was really living in fear of the monster Thiago. I felt she had abandoned all hope of her's and Akiva's dream of a better way to live. I think Karou was mainly atoning for her sins. She felt responsible for the killing of her family and now she had to bring them back. She took on the role of resurrectionist. I wasn't happy about it because I thought she could've had a better life in the human world.Brimstone had left her an inheritance even, and she had mad art skills and friends back in Prague whom she left behind. I guess I understood why she felt she had to bring back her family but the dead soldiers? ugly as they are, did Thiago have to threaten her to do it? No? Was she crazy!?? It's like she was choosing war over a promising future in human society. In some ways I wish she never found out who she really was.Being Madrigal of Kirin was her past but we don't live in the past ! We live in the present and she was now Karou! Karou means Hope.Her problem was her guilt and now she was angry, dark and blind too UGH! All she was doing was raising an army of creatures! I didn't like it as much as Prague. Sorry Laini. Don't get me wrong I love desert sand and couscous and and the Kasbah, but in what way is the real world like Eretz? Those creatures don't belong in the human world obviously. If the world knew these creatures existed they would shoot them first. We know the land of Eretz has no such high caliber weapons and thank the gods for that! By the end Akiva has yet to seal the portals between worlds so that the monsters won't get our weapons. Karou has to decide which world she wants to live in. She chooses to stay in Eretz *sigh UGH! I am very disappointed about that.