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Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, Book 1)

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole O my heck! At first I kept calling it "A love like no other" but we are dealing with monsters and creepy paranormal beasts who are like criminals and psycho's. The type who rape and kill. Well. One was anyway.Turns out, the story wasn't that bad in the end and I absolutely loved the way Kresley Cole kept me turning the pages. It absolutely rocks! Lachlain , King of the Lykaens, was tortured for 150 years by the head of The Vampire Horde and the oldest and cruelest vampire ever. Demestriu. He is also Emmaline's father. Emmaline the innocent never knew her father or mother and was fostered by Annika, a Valkyri. She had been protected for 70 years from all others of the lore and raised to never bite another. Until she meets her abducter....That would be Lachlain. When Lachlain kidnaps her and is close to raping her over and over again(that I hated with a passion) Emmaline is fearful of him and pleads with him to let her go. You must understand where he is coming from. After 15 decades of torture in fire, dying again and again, even a Lykae could lose his mind. Hate and revenge is what kept him sane. Until he tracks her scent.......If it weren't for her I don't think he would've ever escaped his torture...She was his salvation.But O the agony! patiently waiting for him to stop hurting her; and until she fell in love with him, I could hardly bare it. He tried so hard to please her....but failed in O so many ways, until....- she stepped up to the plate..... - she'd never even played baseball before :pYes Emma the braveheart would go down in the pages of history for *cough (a reason I dare not say lest I spoil it) She's a real heroine but aren't all Valkyrie's like that? If you love HEA's you'll love this one.