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Scarlet - I was ecstatic at the end of Cinder to know who the rightful heir of Luna is and who will have to battle Queen Levana. Everything that we read about Cinder is just so incredible, but we don't get the feeling she is capable of anything and that kinda sucks. I wish she was more of a kickass heroine. She admits she doesn't want to be a princess and she doesn't want to use her Lunar gifts like Queen Levana. We do get to see more pieces of the puzzle come together but not in the way I had hoped. I wish she trusted Dr. Erland because I don't think he would steer her wrong, but we don't see him at all in this book :( Instead of going to Africa like she was supposed to, she takes us on a wild goose chase to find Michelle Benoit. It was kinda disappointing. I like the spacecraft and the action however.Meanwhile somewhere in Lieux France in 126 T.E. ,[sometime after WW4 in the future] Scarlet Benoit's grandma goes missing because .... she knows about Selena Marissa Meyer intertwines two stories throughout the book that culminates with Scarlett and Wolf , joining Captain Thorne and Cinder on their spacecraft.