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The Changelings (War of the Fae, #1)

The Changelings (War of the Fae, #1) - Elle Casey

This story is about a group of unique teenagers(homeless teens) who are abducted when they all go for a job interview. Mr. Dardennes is not a real bad guy but he is deceitful and manipulative.He takes the group of kids on a long plane ride and tricks them into drinking something that makes them all fall asleep so they won't know where they are going. They are made to perform a task and when they finish they will be rewarded with $500. Only they are unaware of what the "obstacles" are. They arrive in a Green Forrest and get to choose one weapon. Tony gets a bow and arrow, Jayne a stick etc... Jared is the defacto leader and Spike is another member of the gang. I can't remember all of them only that Tony is Jayne's best friend. We see Jayne's connectedness to the plants and trees and it's obvious she has some special ability like druids and fairies. I kinda wish that was an established fact but unfortunately it's not clear. The obstacles are dangerous creatures like vampires, witches, gnomes, dwarfs, sea urchins and ocs who get in their way. In the end they have to make a choice either to go home or continue the journey that will reveal who they really are ..... only Tony goes home and good for him. Although it made me sad I was happy for him. I don't know if I should be happy for the others for wanting to be what they were born to be. UGH!