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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Reading Update: I've read 590 out of 870 pages.

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

Finding herself lost in the 1700's all Claire Beauchamp wanted to do was to go back to the future; back to her husband Frank in the 1940's. It was what I was hoping for, but when it came time for her leave, she couldn't. I'd never read a longer chapter in all my life! Chapter 25! UGH!


Outlander is without a doubt a long story so I'm listening to it on my ipod. It's taking awhile and.I've even fell asleep a couple of times but not long enough that I couldn't pick up the story upon reawakening, and anyway I can go back and read the parts I missed in the book. When I don't have my earphones in , I'm thinking about and dreaming about Outlander all day long. O Aye! I can't stop talking like Jamie either lol.