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Reading progress update: DNF

Consumed - J.R. Ward

I did not finish it. I can't. There are better books to read and I don't want to continue reading this book after putting it down more than 10 days ago. I am quite disappointed and mad about it.


Finished Reading Magic Bites

Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews

Listening to the audiobook I got from the library is pissing me the fuck off. Why does my iPod skip chunks of text, going from chapter 4 skipping to chapter 6?  FFS! Then  I can't go backwards or forward in the proper sequence and it's so bloody frustrating. It's ruining my reading and listening experience! wah. I, however, also have the book. I bought the book at a second-hand shop after I got the audio download from my library because I love reading and listening to a novel. The narrator is so darn good too. It's Renée Raudman.

I felt the story was missing a lot of background information. Kate Daniels is an adult now and she presumably has a crush on her Guardian Greg. He dies right in the beginning so I felt kind of at a loss, not knowing much about him and her relationship with him. There were many things I didn't understand in the beginning like why did everyone know who she was? Obviously, it is a paranormal/Urban fantasy world and there were a lot of characters and it was quite hard to keep up with them all. I feel Kate Daniels is a very fearless and strong female who can handle things on her own. She's tough in other words. I'm struggling with it so far. In Chapter 4 but I like it.


UPDATE: I'm finished. It was ok. 2 stars Appearing in Magic Bites were teams of supernatural creatures that I'm not sure I understood how they came to be. Kate Daniels world is a scary place and I don't understand the magic with all it entails and all its entrails lol

The heavy round head rolled to the dirt in a gush of blood.


Consumed 54% If you recently quit smoking, this book could trigger your addiction. Be warned.

Consumed - J.R. Ward

Thank you Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for letting me read an e-arc

Ahem.*coughs* You would not want to read this book if you were trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I mean, it's been over two years since my last "fag," and I seriously struggled to keep from wanting one all because of Dannyboy. A fucking fictional book character FFs!
I find it distasteful, in a world where smoking is rarely accepted or allowed in public places, to have to read about someone's disgusting habit in a book. Come, the fuck on! Really? 
Because of that, I hate this book. I will finish this book, but I am not going to continue reading the series. I am disappointed. Just like the fallen angel novels. I didn't like it. It's not only the smoking, but it was also business politic fuckwads, not having a clue about rock climbing and my surroundings. Feeling lost basically and I did not like seeing what Danny Maguire's life had become. He was a slob drunken sob. His place, if you wanted even to call it that, felt like a dump and I imagined a squat. Also to make matters even worse, Anne and Danny's relationship took a drastic dive when Anne did lose her hand when Danny cut it off! Ugh. I cannot relate to that sort of pain. I was not feeling it, and it was disgraceful ok? I wasn't happy about their demise.
You know what I did like though? Soot, Anne's dog.

I'm sorry. but this is how I felt at 54%

Started Reading Consumed 18%

Consumed - J.R. Ward

Consumed is the first novel of its kind by J.R Ward. I've read all the black dagger brotherhood novels up to date and am very familiar with her writing. Just like all her books, she has a definitive writing style and gives cheeky nonchalant new meaning. 

So far Danny Maguire succeeds at rescuing Anne from underneath a pile of rubble and steel beams. It cost her left hand, however, and Danny is crushed beneath a crumbling building. All of the pleading and shouting for him could not save him and it took other firefighters until the very end to dig him out. He suffered a broken collar/shoulder, spleen and a punctured liver. Anne heard that he had survived while she was recovering in the hospital. Her brother came to visit, and he was very bitter over the fact she almost got herself killed for being a firefighter and doesn't like Danny either. They are not speaking to each other. Awww, she lost her hand though. . .

Finished Reading The Darkest Star

The Darkest Star - Jennifer L. Armentrout

It has been a long time since I read the Lux novels. I remember neither Luc or his friends and not much about Sergeant Dasher or the experiments on kids.

All of Luc's friends, Dee, Archer and even Daemon are back in The Darkest Star.

What didn't I like? Why did Evie or Luc always finish each other's sentences? It was annoying. I know, I'm picky, but it bothered me ok? Also, the writing didn't appeal to my intelligence, but it's YA so I can't expect anything more however disappointing.

I don't remember much about Micah. Micah was only ten years old but because of the human experiments, he aged rapidly.
In The Darkest Star, we learn about who Evie is. I didn't understand her feelings about the ordeal. She couldn't accept that she was Nadia? Why not? And the other thing, she was only four years into being Evelyn so why was learning about who she used to be so detrimental like make her want to flip out? Why couldn't she see she was special? She was very immature and not very reasonable. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with finding out you used to be someone else. Deal with it, get over it. So, she lost her memories of who she was before, and that's sad and unfortunate, but, I mean if she still looks like Nadia is she then Evie? Crikey.


Whatever Micah told Luc, was meant for another novel because something about they're coming, or they're here. What do you think Micah meant? To be continued

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 episode 9-10

Omg, last night I watched two more episodes of Fear the Walking Dead. I have been waiting so long that I forgot and lucky me I got to see 9 and ten at last. I think there are 16 episodes in season 4. The shows actress who plays Madison is presumed dead, but I never saw her body and if the zombies got her in the stadium then why didn't they show it. I have my doubts that she is dead though. The show has fallen apart if you ask me. There is nothing left, and Morgan decides to go back to Rick Grimes? No, just no. There was a hurricane, and it was hilarious seeing the walkers fly in the wind storm because you can tell a thread lifted them. Ha!


Season 4 Fear Video Fear The Walking Dead.

Reading progress update: at 38%.

The Darkest Star - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer Armentrout's books are not all equally good. Most of what I read was apathetic and dull. It didn't appeal to me. School, hallways, drama, students, teachers, lockers, and classes are just something that I'd rather not read. I hated school. That is only one reason I dislike Young Adult books, and this one has it in spades. I can't.

When Evie and her friend decide to go out against their better judgment to a place that requires you to be 21, Evie gets held against her will by some guy named Luc inside Club Foretoken, for being underage and for seeing things she isn't supposed to. He also comes on to her. Club Foretoken is not a safe place because of the Luxen. 

While she can get a fake ID, she loses her cell phone and has to go back the next day to retrieve it. This Luc guy is a mystery, and I am not that interested in caring about who the fuck he is. He knows Evie and her mother. I would have liked to know more about the Luxen Luc is harboring in the basement lol, but next, we are back at school, chatting with classmates about who fucking went missing over the fucking weekend. Fuck! Can I say "useless banter"?

Luc enters Evie's house as a thief and unlocks the door with his mind. He keeps popping up like he's following Evie and tells her he can easily track her because it didn't take him long to find her at the park taking pictures. At this point we know he isn't going to hurt her, but she should be afraid and concerned about her safety anyway, for some reason. I mean, get to the fucking point already! Lol

I can barely stand it so far, but I need to keep reading. ugh

UPDATE: The cat is finally out of the bag! Luc is a bloody Origin, NOT a Luxen, which means he is bigger, better, stronger, etc. Also, some baddies come knocking wanting Luc's help, but he refuses to help that kind and they didn't like it, so the girl intends to kill Evie.


Fraterfest Readathon

Fraterfest 2018 Readathon

Get ready for Halloween and bring on the FRATERFEST READATHON hosted@caffeinatedbookreviewer October 11th through the 16th. It's going to be a thriller of an exercise. If you would like to read your favourite spooky, haunting, scary horror, mystery novel than why not join the Fraterfest? It's entirely up to you, but there will be fun and prizes and even challenges. Be there or Be scared.

Source: http://caffeinatedbookreviewer.com/2018/09/fraterfest-readathon-sign-up.html

I am currently reading The Darkest Star

The Darkest Star - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Thank You  Macmillan-Tor/Forge and NetGalley for letting me read an arc of

The Darkest Star

by Jennifer Armentrout  

Pub Date 30 Oct 2018


So ahem, it looks like Luc is kidnaping Evie because she has seen too much of what is happening inside the Club Foretoken. We don't know the extent and details of how or what Luc is yet but he is harbouring Luxen's inside the club.


Source: http://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/139416

Review: Kill The Queen is Amazing!

Kill the Queen - Jennifer Estep
  • Thanks to Edelweiss + HarperCollins I got an e-arc in exchange for a review

My full review is on Goodreads


I enjoyed reading about Lady Everleighs experience at Seven Spire Palace and her growth as a character with Serilda Swanson's troupe of Gladiators. It was quite formidable how much she changed, and I couldn't put the book down. She loved people in general and fought hard to save her country because she was the Winter Queen. Her friendship with Paloma had me in tears. It was so kind and genuine. She learned how to fight from always getting knocked down and beaten, to winning death matches, gladiator fashion, with a sword dagger and shield in an arena! You go, girl! The tasks she thought were useless while living in the Palace of Seven Spire, proved to be critical and useful for saving her life. Baking and dancing.
She was a Bellonan; good at playing the long game and outsmarting the opponent.

Crown Princess Vasilia is the daughter of Cordelia the Queen of Seven Spire and Bellona. Vasilia is a powerful Magier with a black heart. When her mother Cordelia invites noble guests from Andvardia to negotiate peace, Vasilia massacres the lot of them and kills her mother and injures Everleigh. Everleigh has magic but keeps it a secret. She is immune to magic and can smell it a mile away. Everleigh gets thrown out of the palace when blasted by Vasilia's lightning and falls into the river below.



Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2512398519

Review: History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

History Is All You Left Me - Adam Silvera

History Is All You Left Me

by Adam Silvera


This book has a lot of History, and I confess it made me cry. But not for the reason you think. It wasn't because Griffin loses his first love. No. It was because it reminded me of who I lost on December 11th, 2016. My boyfriend's last name was McIntyre. Phil McIntyre died that day. Theo's previous name was McIntyre too. So you see, this book brought the feelings of grief for me and made me cry. All the people, places or things that you genuinely love, give you the most pain. I cried an ocean when I lost my mother, but strangely it wasn't when she died because my mother had killed me a long time ago when she abandoned me. Anyway, I digress. Adam Silvera tells a story about the many stages of grief. For example: How can I live in a world without you in it? When everything reminds me of you? Like how can you watch a favourite show that you used to watch together? Those are just a couple examples of the plight in which Griffin finds himself in after Theo dies. This book is very relatable in that if you have suffered from grief, you'll understand. Also, homosexuality between two guys is more common these days then when I was growing up. OCD? Griffin has it, but in the end, he is strong enough to overcome it.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1870845034

Book Review:The Fireman by Joe Hill

The FiremanThe Fireman by Joe Hill

The Fireman was written by Joe Hill (King) and narrated by Kate Mulgrew.
The best narrator there ever was or will be haha!

When John, the fireman Rookwood and Harper Grayson-Willowes meet the first time, she is (the only) nurse on staff in a hospital full of sick patients waiting in a lineup a mile long. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man with a fireman outfit steps out of line carrying a little boy in his arms insisting no, demanding, they do something for the boy. He was taken seriously eventually, and the boy treated for a ruptured appendix. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is being wiped out on a catastrophic, apocalyptic scale from Dragonscayle. A spore that infects you from ash and can kill you making you burst into flames if you let it. Nobody is safe from the fires but John Rookwood has found a way to deal with it instead.
I usually don't like reading about apocalyptic end-of-the-world scenarios, because I can't handle the endless carnage and human waste and suffering. However, I never felt hope was lost in The Fireman. Right up until the end there was a glimmer of hope that everything (the world surrounding Harper) was going to be Ok. It didn't feel like all was lost for Harper's little group, at least the situations they encountered were not insufferable all the time. I was right.

Although the nature of humanity was sick as ever, I could relate lol

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2243747403

Book to Film- The 100

The 100 - Kass Morgan
The key to surviving on the ground,
and on the Ark is to keep fighting
at all costs, against all odds.
The minute you give up,
you're dead-

Ninety-seven years after the destruction of planet Earth, the council of the Sky Crew sends 100 delinquent teens who had never stepped foot on Earth before, to test the survivability of the planet. I admit to liking the show more than the book.


HOT GUY: A Christmas Story

HOT GUY: A Christmas StoryHOT GUY: A Christmas Story by H.M. Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Aiden Ryan is in his mid-thirties and in a position of losing his family fortune tied up in his Dad's company, Norvek. Only his dad died and his evil uncle James wants it for himself and puts Aiden through a sort of hell reducing him to nothing. I don't understand how people can think of getting away with murder. As Aiden discovers he was blackmailed for killing a bunch of individuals, who had taken a so-called "cure for cancer" pill that his Uncle James had tampered with making the formula poisonous. Woah now there is a mouthful. Aiden had created this 'cure for cancer' calling it RequimX, knowing that Aiden would be the heir to his dad's company.

Okay, so there was some unfinished business that Hot Guy now was put to the test to keep his job. It was doomed to fail because of a trifling weather forecast in New York risking not only his little Hottie Hut but every other business in the city as well.

He meets a girl named Kris, with her set of problems that neither of them wanted anyone to know. I wouldn't call them honest with each other but whatever.
When they couldn't hide their feelings for each other is when all hell breaks loose, secrets were unveiled only to reveal their love for each other could not keep them apart for long.

I wish Hot Guy would have prevailed to tell us what came next because the story didn't seem finished to me when we learned of a marriage proposal. It had the potential of being more than a short story novella. For that, I am knocking off two stars. I feel it is important to tie up loose ends. I couldn't access Aiden's HEA link either.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1812291159

Finished Queen of the Tearling

This is such a good book. I really enjoyed it. A fantastic adventure. Queen of the Tearling is about a girl who was preserved from assassination and brought back to the Kingdom of Tear at the age of nineteen to ascend the throne and become Queen. Such a great character! I absolutely adore Kelsea.

"From My Heart To You"

This is a book that my boyfriend and I had developed and made for each other. We each got a copy. I will never forget him RIP my love. He died from liver and lung cancer before Christmas December 11th, 2016 and my heart aches for him. It is amateurish, but we used Picaboo. He wrote this poem:

This is for every second we spend together. For every kiss, and every tear we have shed with each other. For the special times created by being together. For all the times I was distressed, and you were there. For all the memories of the beautiful love, we've made. All the tenderness and love that you have shown me. For the little things, you've done that means so much. Most of all, this is from me to you to show how important you are to me. To thank you for all you've done. To tell you exactly how I feel and to remind you that...I will always love you! -Phil-