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HARRY POTTER and the Goblet of Fire #4

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)Ugh! How frustrating and stupid Cornelius Fudge is! I was outraged that before Bart Crouch admitted to Voldemorts rising again, Barty was killed by a dementor! AND on top of that Cornelius didn't believe Voldemort was back again even after Harry Potter saw him rise before his eyes! even after Cedric died there in the graveyard! It was a very sad ending and the only ones who seemed to have gained anything this year was George and Fred Weasley. Harry Potter gave the thousand galleons he won from the Tri Wizard Tournament to them.

I would've never guessed who the culprit was who'd been spying at Hogwarts the whole time right under everyone's noses. From the beginning the story flowed quite nicely and now that I've read it, I understood a lot more than I'd perceived from watching the movie.

Something we learn by reading the book that we don't see in the movie was that Rita Skeeter was an Animagus who transformed herself into a black beetle. That's why she was able to write in depth stories about things to put in the Daily Prophet Newspaper.

I've been on a Harry Potter book/movie marathon for the past week starting with the Philosopher's Stone. I have to say the movie cuts out a lot of insightful information however I thought the tent the Weasleys stayed in looked better in the movie ha! The house elfs were completely left out in this movie whereas Winky played a big role and so did Dobby and the rest of the Hogwarts house elves.

The Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  - J.K. Rowling

Wow, that was unreal!

When Harry is with the Dursley's you can't help but feel sorry for him because of being treated so unfairly by his Muggle Family. However, everyone knows about Harry Potter, the boy who lived. He's quite famous in the wizarding world because of the scar on his forehead. When he was a baby his mother sacrificed herself to save Harry from Voldemort. We know that it was the love for her child that defended him but Voldemort's a complex character that we won't fully understand until the very end apparently.


Dobby the house-elf tries to persuade Harry not to go back to Hogwarts because he's terrified of the evil plans against Harry, his intentions are good but Harry ends up with a load of grief not just from the Dursley's but from Hogwarts too. School didn't start off on the right foot for Harry or Ron Weasley as Dobby had blocked off the wall leading to platform 9 3/4 and they missed the train and had to borrow Mr. Weasley's flying car and crashed into a Whomping Willow. They both were in major trouble all because of Dobby's good intentions. *sigh

Ginny Weasley got hoodwinked in Voldemorts dark powers. Mr. Malfoy put an object of dark magic inside her basket of schoolbooks. It was a diary that belonged to Tom Riddle. She was unaware that he was controlling her and it almost killed her and some of the students at Hogwarts including Harry , but Harry and Ron figured it out and were able to solve the game of Clue and save the day.

Mr. Mercedes ( Unnamed Trilogy #1 )

Mr. Mercedes - Stephen King

Brady Hartfield is one creepy and disturbed character whom I could believe is real because of such people like Ted Bundy.


I was engrossed in page after page of how the perpetrator was so close yet failed to get caught. How did that happen? Brady may have evaded getting caught in the City Center Massacre that killed 8 people but he was never going to allow anyone to take his recognition as a massive killer away from him as he prided himself in it. Ugh! what a sicko!


He may have promised Hodges the retired detective -DET RET that he would never do it again, but he had plans on killing again.

Even though I'd enjoyed a few books by Stephen King, I am not a big fan. He's such a cynic and he shows it in his writings on just about everything. i.e.:

"To Hodges she looks like Princess Leia after a year on the Karen Carpenter diet?"

 really? I was interested in the characters like Jerome and Holly; the main "heroes", but I was sad about what happens to Hodges' love interest Janey, because I liked her a lot.


Oh and I suspect we haven't seen the last of Brady Hartfield . 

The Alchemist

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho


I'm going on an adventure with Bilbo Baggins!

The Hobbit  - J.R.R. Tolkien

I thought about reading The Hobbit for awhile but since finishing The Children of Hurin I thought I must read it NOW. Sadly I haven't read The Lord of the Rings(Harry Potter either) BUT I watched all the movies , so The Hobbit is considered a prequel to TLOTR. After I finish reading The Hobbit I plan on definitely watching the movie. I now understand Smiegl (sp?) the Gollum better. The Chapter featuring how Bilbo got possession of The Magic Ring is phenomenal. I really enjoyed it. Bilbo is afterall a thief and how interesting.



The Children of Húrin (Middle-Earth Universe)

The Children of Húrin - J.R.R. Tolkien, Alan Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien

The Children of Hurin was amazing, and I love the illustrations, but what a tragic ending! Hurin was finally released from Morgoth's bondage and was reunited with his wife Morwen, but it was too late!

I loved that Turin slays the dragon (Glaurang) like Hercules. I loved the Fey in Lord of The Rings and this story too.

The story concentrates on a Man of the House of Hador, Túrin Turambar, and his sister Niënor Níniel, who are cursed along with their father Húrin by the Dark Lord Morgoth. The events take place more than 6,500 years before the War of the Ring.

According to the Tolkien Estate:

The Children of Húrin takes the reader back to a time long before The Lord of the Rings, in an area of Middle-earth that was to be drowned before Hobbits appeared, and when the great enemy was still the fallen Vala, Morgoth, and Sauron was only Morgoth's lieutenant. This heroic romance is the tale of the Man, Húrin, who dared to defy Morgoth, and his family's tragic destiny, as it follows his son Túrin Turambar's travels through the lost world of Beleriand...


My Favorite Scene: 

The Death of Glaurung The Dragon


"Turambar, Turambar, come back! Hear Me! Awake! For it is Niniel. The Dragon is dead, dead, and I alone am here by you."

Endlessly : (Paranormalcy #3)

Endlessly  - Kiersten White So. I'm finally getting around to read the final installment of Paranormalcy. What is so special about Evie that she is qualified to open a gate so the paranormals stuck on earth can waltz on through? I must have forgotten the part that explains that. Of course there is so many ridiculous twists and turns about this world but particularly in Endlessly I noticed that Evie was so busy with school and her relationship with Lend that she totally neglects the more important things to do on her list , like saving the world . I understand totally being 17 years old and all. She just wants to live a normal life. I get that she doesn't want any part of the IPCA anymore which is cool. They changed and Mrs whatever whatever is a snotty old hag who is working with the evil fairy's who want to kill Evie and the rest of the paranormals. I didn't think Evie should have been responsible for that whole business of saving the world even though she did succeed with the help of a few of her friends, and proved remarkable, it seemed like a dirty and thankless job. Ha! This book wasn't serious but it was fun.

Skin Game:

Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden is stuck on the Island of Demonreach situated somewhere in the middle of Lake Michigan, reluctant to get off because of that 'thing' living inside his brain, he spends his time getting in shape ; chasing monsters. So far, we don't know what this 'parasite' is we heard so much about in Cold Days, that is causing Harry so much pain but it will kill him if he doesn't get it out and the only one who can help, is of course Mab Monroe, the queen of faery; except he hasn't seen her in well over a year.

When she arrives out of the blue one day, Harry fears she wants something, naturally. She doesn't come bearing gifts, but tells him to put on an earring meant to keep the creature at bay and relieve his suffering and to come with her immediately. I am worried about the assignment that's in store for Harry. Agh!

Mab uses Harry to pay off a debt she owes Nicodemus Archleone that forces him to work alongside the Denarians in performing a bank heist, and the bank vault belongs to Hades, the greek god of the underworld. Oh Snap! The team travels to the underworld via Marcone's vault. The team includes Nicodemus' daughter Deirdre(bad), Goodman Grey(good guy), Binder(greedy but good), Anna Valmont(good), Hannah Ascher(bad), Genoskwa(bad), and, at Harry's insistence, Karrin Murphy(good). You do not want to mess with Genoskwa. He's ugly and eats goats for breakfast and Harry learns a very painful lesson in keeping his mouth shut around this guy. Other characters are Nicodemus' wife, Polonius Lartessa, usually called Tessa Dr. Waldo Butters. I was disappointed that Bob the Skull didn't make much of an appearance.No Toot-toot either :(. Harry could've used them on more than one occasion. We see Michael Carpenter fighting alongside Harry again. Molly appears at the end for a bit. Harry's daughter, Maggie plays more of a role, however, that spirit thing that inhabited Harry's brain? Harry's pregnant? what? what was that all about? That was wierd. I didn't understand even though it felt like a major plot theme of a future book that began in Cold Days .

My Review : City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments #6)

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

What I didn't expect from reading the last book of the Mortal Instrument series was the introduction of two new characters that promise to have a fulfilling lifetime ahead of them. I guess that is why Cassandra Clare has indicated she will be adding 5 more series into the Shadowhunter universe? I don't know what to make of that. I mean I definitely am curious to see the Dark Artifices series which continues with Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn who allegedly become Parabatais AND are in love, but c'mon, really? I wasn't much into reading about Emma and Julian in City of Heavenly Fire when there was already so much going on. On the other hand, reading about Brother Zacharias aka Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray was worth all the glitter in Magnus' loft and then some.


Magnus Bane also revealed some secrets of his own

*cough* Asmodeus *cough

(show spoiler)

, and it was sweet of him to write them all down in a book to give to Alec Lightwood. I plan on reading the Bane Chronicles too, hoping it doesn't lessen his character in anyway and I absolutely and 100% agree with Jace taking on the Herondale name. Awesome.


Sebastian aka Jonathan Morgenstern 

dies in the end

(show spoiler)

. I know big surprise right? But, the way it was done and how, you'll have to find out for yourself by reading the book. I didn't care about the other characters who died , honestly.


I hope in the upcoming books we will read about Isabelle aka Izzy Lightwood being an Iron Sister but that prediction is just way too far off . On the other hand I don't think she would make a good wife but you never know.


As for Simon the vampire, I definitely miss him like all his other downworlder friends do, but 

he's not dead anymore! I wonder if chairman meow could spark some of Simons memories. Did I mention he lost his memories? When the gang found themselves in Edom, with no escape, Simon bargained his soul in exchange for a safe passage, only he would never remember his downworlder friends , BUT he would be human again and alive with a beating heart! Simon never liked being a vampire anyway so I could see how much he wanted it. I don't blame him but if it were me I wouldn't mourn his loss because that is what he wanted and they should've rejoiced instead, but meh, they just couldn't stay away from him and with a little of Magnus' magic they get Simon to remember things , sort of *shrugs*

(show spoiler)

I don't see how Simon could ever live a normal life and I feel they are putting themselves and Simon again in jeopardy. Poor guy lol.


The pursuit of Sebastian in the realm of Edom was a lot of fantastic and unexpected but intense and enjoyable moments including the deliverance of Clary's real brother. It was after the portals were destroyed with the hope of ever escaping, that Cassie, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus, Luke and Jocelyn , had to find a way home and

that is when Simon made a bargain with Asmodeus, the Prince of Edom.

(show spoiler)


Jane's Melody #1

Jane's Melody - Ryan Winfield

I loved Jane's Melody. Even though Jane was much older than Caleb, this story was such a sweet relief to the YA and PNF genres I'd been reading lately. I love a good Love Story and it's rare to find a male author who writes romance and writing from a female's POV had to be difficult but I commend him for his insightfulness, and the poems he writes.

Jane's character wasn't so bad but it fell short compared to Calebs. I much preferred Caleb. He could've had anyone because he was built like a god and gorgeous yet he fell for a 40 year old woman. I understood her sex drive after having a child so that wasn't much of a surprise to me. All she wanted was sex with a man who was available to her and she took advantage of that fact with Caleb. It might've not seemed fair, but what guy would pass up that opportunity anyway?

When Jane met Caleb, he was homeless and trying to make a living playing music on the streets. Jane suspected Caleb knew her daughter Melody and assumed they were going together. So, she kind of stalks him for awhile hoping he would shed some light on the events surrounding her daughters death/suicide. Her daughter died of a drug overdose and Jane needed to deal with her own grief . She also was familiar with Al-anon as their were problems with alcohol abuse in her family.

So anyway one day Jane finds Caleb and he'd been beaten pretty bad and had nothing left but the shirt on his back so Jane jumps at the chance to help him , offering to come work for her since he doesn't want to be a charity case. He accepts the deal which allows him room and board and money in his pocket . He dreams someday of going to Austin.

I enjoyed reading about their love relationship but I am angry that Jane broke his heart . However, Jane realizes with the help of a dying friend to never live life with fear and to go after him so she sells her house and things and goes in search of Caleb driving all the way to Austin Texas.

When she finds him .... hope springs eternal the second time around and that is where we are left. I can't wait to read what happens to them after in Jane's Harmony due to be published sometime this August 2014.


My Review: The Forever Song [Blood of Eden #3]

The Forever Song - Julie Kagawa

I can't say I really liked The Forever Song, hence the 3 star rating, due to all the violence, and emotional trauma Allie and Zeke were put through, not to mention Kanin. In The Eternity Cure, Zeke had been kidnapped by the psycho vamp Sarren and from the sounds of Zeke's screams he was as good as dead. Nobody including Allie knew what had happened to him.

I liked Allie's good judgement as she always strived to be in control of her monster and a better vampire but this story was sorta anticlimactic, knowing that the bad guy had it coming.

I liked Jackal who provided us with witty bantor and there was one time when they were driving in a van he said something Like "Someone in this fucked-up family has to be." He was speaking about him being a realist and I had to giggle. Allie was trying to assure Zeke that Caleb and Bethany would be alright when they got to Eden but Jackal thought that was not going to be the case cause if Sarren was in Eden, the reality would be different.

"There you go again. Getting the puppy's [Zekes] hopes up. More likely, every bloodbag[human] on Eden is screaming and tearing their faces off, but, oh, no, no one wants to hear that." He waved a hand. "So, go ahead, tell him that everything is going to be fine. All the meatsacks are perfectly content on their happy little island, Sarren has given up world destruction to raise kittens, and the magic wish fairy will wave her wand and turn shit into gold."-taken from chapter 13 page 234-235 Lol I had to laugh.

The Forever Song starts off with Allie, Jackal and Kanin going in search of Sarren, hunting him down until they killed him, which wouldn't end until they reached Eden. Allie finally accepts being a monster fully and was almost overcome with bloodlust. On their journey towards Eden they encounter numerous hellish scenes left behind by Sarren who was goading them.

When they arrived in Old Chicago, the story starts to build more interest imo, because what they find at the top of the building is not who they expect....

[ Zeke is alive? what?

(show spoiler)

hahaha have a good look cause something is definitely wrong .

Allie is threatened by Zeke and her emotions get the best of her . Is she in danger or not?

(show spoiler)

Anyway it is there they almost all lost their lives but somehow managed to survive AND help Zeke out of his compulsion. Of course Allie is still so much in love with him and would do anything to keep Zeke from destroying himself. I really didn't like how Zeke was so lucid and didn't show much emotion because he used to be so happy with Alllie, but I guess vampires rarely showed their feelings if they even had any. I thought that by Zeke being a vampire it would've been better for Allie but that wasn't the case.

Sorry for the spoilers guys. I won't tell you what happens in the end. I can tell you it exhausted me. So much fighting gah!

The Pledge

The Pledge - Kimberly Derting

Loved Xander particularly when he bows and says: "Your Majesty." Loved Charlie and her sister and all the characters of this book because no one died , thanks to the sweet Angeline, except the evil queen herself. Hurray.

currently reading: don't look back - ch.1-3

Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout

So far I really think I'm going to like Samantha . Apparently she used to be a "bitch that bites" and everyone hated her , but now having lost her memory she is much more friendlier and nicer. Suffering from serious amnesia and a concussion, Sam finds herself walking in the woods alone , not remembering anything about what'd happened to her and how she got there. A pair of cops find her alongside of the road and question her which leads to them taking her to the hospital.


Sam learns her parents are very rich and are relieved to see their daughter back home. They were worried about her being missing for 4 days, they thought she was dead but her friend Cassie is still missing. After learning a few things about herself, she begins to hate the 'old' Sam for disliking Carson, who is gorgeous. 


I'm at the end of chapter 3 where Sam finds a note hidden inside her pillow. She opens it and reads:  "Don't look back. You won't like what you find". dum dum dum dum... Who wrote this and what the hell?  Somebody knows what happened. 


Anyway I seem to like the topic of amnesia and lives of rich people seeings how her parents were rich and all. School is well...another subject I'm not interested in...*sighs. Oh well . I'll update this when I'm done.



My Review


This was like a murder mystery suspense and I would've liked to known Samantha when she was the mean bitch.
Sam suffers from amnesia and doesn't remember anything of who she used to be. She's a much nicer person now following the accident involving her friend Cassie, who we later find out is dead and murdered.
Rumors of Samantha actually killing her best friend are going around school and Samantha thinks she's crazy. All the 'crazy' nuances around her having amnesia are just annoying. So we had the before Sam; who was a mean bitch , and the after Sam; who was just crazy BUT she wasn't crazy! She was just suffering from amnesia and that was enough to explain her visions in black and white and hearing things and wierd notes appearing everywhere . However I must admit Cassie in the mirror totally freaked me out and that was crazy. lol

Anywho ya so the problem wasn't that she was crazy but that she was suffering from amnesia and didn't have her memories back yet! [Young adult novels are sometimes so annoying. UGH] Everything fell into place when she did finally get them back though . Phew. It must have been a tough experience for Sam to go through but even harder was facing the truth about what'd happened to her and her friend. This is where I can't tell you whodunnit. What kind of person would I be?

Other characters I liked were Carson Ortiz, and Sam's brother Scott.

The Spider [Elemental Assassin #10]

The Spider (Elemental Assassin) (Paperback) - Common - by Jennifer Estep

After reading the first 9 novels in this series I really enjoyed this one. It's about Gin's recount of what happened to her 10 years ago. I thought the story was a good one. Ten years ago, just to name a few facts, Xavier and Roslyn Phillips hadn't met yet and Roslyn was about to open Northern Aggression, her hot nightclub. It is also at this time that Gin meets Owen, her brawny boyfriend. 


While in the pork pit, after receiving a package of dark blue roses Gin narrates to Owen the time she fell in love with Sebastian Vaughn; the monster who was beating his little sister, Charlotte. I liked Charlotte and what was cool about her is that she was friends with Bria Coolidge! Gin Blanco's baby sister! omg! Even before Gin knew Bria was even still alive.



Anyway I thought this book was fantastic and anyone whose a fan of the Elemental Assassin series should read it. 


What I find frustrating about Gin's elemental abilities, particularly her stone powers is she doesn't use them until she desperately has to, but then she always kicks ass because she is very strong and powerful. 


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

This is the first book I've read from Rainbow Rowell and aside from such topics as broken hearts, pregnancy, and falling in love, I thought it could've been written for children. However, I did like Lincoln O'Neill - the main character, even more than I did Beth and Jennifer. The reason I couldn't get into the book was in fact because of the two email banters between Beth and Jennifer.  I  had read Click - An Online Love Story and was somewhat disappointed it was going to be like that only we were spared the [From, To, Date, Time and Subject] every goddamn time :p


I first started listening to Attachments in my sister's car while taking a trip to visit my mother on Mother's Day. Probably no more than 10 chapters in, my sister didn't want to listen to it any longer and suffice it to say that weekend I didn't read much.


Attachment was more like a detachment from my sister, mother, brother, family etc....wait. isn't that what the bible teaches? 


Anyway I picked the book up again yesterday and finished it the following day. 

Dark Triumph: His Fair Assassin #2

Dark Triumph - Robin LaFevers

I know we had only a few glimpses of Sybella in Grave Mercy but I saw her more like a badass who was a little on the crazy side.

So far , Dark Triumph's Sybella is rather mature and ...normal as in ladylike :( She's very cautious and fearful of D'Albret too. She seems fearful of men in general which is another reason I am sorta turned off.I hate when a character turns out disappointing. I hope that changes as she reveals herself more. I was under the impression that the Assassins of St. Mortain all hated men ,but Sybella has Julien at her door constantly AND Sybella doesn't have the backing or support of the Convent like Esmae did.

Instead of punching Julien in the face I guess she's wise to play along having to watch her steps in her father's house. I am hoping the story will start getting interesting now that she breaks 'Beast' out of the dungeon.

Nothing too exciting happens with them until near the end of the book. Even though they both seem to be falling for each other they don't tell each other that until after all of Sybella's secrets are revealed, and boy what a load of secrets she has! I can't say I liked the ending because the story leaves it open ended where we will have to wait for the next one ....Mortal Heart.